It is been carried out as per the guidelines of National Leprosy Eradication Programme of the Government of India. .Accordingly, the Survey, Education and Treatment (S.E.T.) strategy is being carried out through mobile clinics in the communities and school. By Screening and providing appropriate treatment to the persons identified with symptoms and who are already suffering from the disease.

The organization facilitates income generation programme among women by organizing skill training and arranging loans through banks and financial institutions. As a result, a good no. of women and sanghas came forward with income generating activities such as sanitary napkin unit, diary, doll production unit etc.

The organization stands as a catalyst in bringing about changes in the lives of village people. As a part of it, people are grouped into a committee where the developmental aspects of their village are done by incorporating their opinions and suggestions and the people participate in their development.

Recognizing the immensity of the burden of the disease and the no. of deaths caused by Tuberculosis, the organization has taken up the entire Nelamangala Taluk, to conduct prevention and awareness programme in all villages, under the Revised National T.B. Control Programme.