HIV infection is spreading very fast in the state. A majority of adults are already infected with TB Bascilli. Sandeep Seva Nilayam?s interventions are aimed at controlling the spread of HIIV infection, and reducing its impact on families. Towards this, we provide counselling, Home Placement, Institutional Placement, Advocacy, Awareness/Orientation programmes.

We support with educational materials and conduct tuition classes for the backward students especially those who have discontinued their studies in the school.

Sandeep Seva Nilayam runs child labour residential school under N.C.L.P. and child labour school under S.C.L.P. The inmates as well as the day scholors of the school are provided with education and rehabilitation.

The organization collaborates with BOSCO and is working as the district cell of Missing Child Bureau of Bangalore Rural District. With the help of the website (, we trace missing children from the unaccompanied children and ensure the repatriation of the children.